Homeopathy & Functional Nutrition


I work using a combination of classical, practical and complex homeopathy, combined with nutrition, and kinesiology to facilitate the process of self-healing within an individual.

I provide individually tailored integrative therapeutic regimes for each person I see.

The basis of my work is using homeopathic remedies, supplemented with nutritional support, detoxification, allergy advice and elimination diets. I use kinesiology both as an explorative and healing tool.


Homeopathy is ideal for anyone wishing to explore a holistic approach to all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I can work with anyone who feels aligned to use homeopathy. 

People come and see me with a variety of conditions and symptoms. These have included Headaches, Hormonal and Urinary Problems, Hot Flushes, Digestive Problems, Stress and Other Emotional Problems, Fatigue, Thyroid & Other Metabolic Imbalance, Skin Complaints, Blood Pressure Issues, Hayfever, Childhood Infections & Joint Problems

I have a particular interest in supporting Chronic Illness - Fatigue, Thyroid Imbalance, Environmental Toxicity, Nutrition, Allergy, The Health Problems of Women and Children, Childhood Development issues and those with Ascension Symptoms. I welcome the opportunity to work with women prior to conception, during pregnancy, and beyond into motherhood.

CEASE Therapy

I am a trained CEASE practitioner supporting children with autistic spectrum and hyperactivity disorders.

Homeopathic Detoxification

Many conditions often have a component of environmental damage. I use Homeopathic Detoxification methods and nutritional support to assist the body to detoxify from vaccination, pharmaceuticals and other environmental factors including fungal overgrowth, parasites and heavy metals.

Homeopathic Prophylaxis 

I am able to offer supervision of a 44month Homeoprophylaxis program as part of the Free & Healthy Children Program for any parent who is concerned about vaccination and has chosen not to vaccinate or would like to use homeopathy alongside the traditional medical vaccination program. Tailor made programs are also available.

I can also offer travel homeoprophylaxis.

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For more information or to book a session send a message via the website or email: info@quintessenceportal.co.uk




Disclaimer: Charlotte Batchelor is not providing medical diagnosis or treatment in her role as a homeopath and the advice she offers related to diet and nutritional products. Any advice given is not intended as a medical substitute or cure for any disease or health condition. Please see your regular medical practitioner with any new or unexplained symptoms and for ongoing medical treatment you maybe receiving. No claim is made for the treatment or cure of any new or previous condition or history of medical or psychiatric conditions. Although some scientific evidence does exist for the use of homeopathy in certain conditions, its effective use remains disputed. The choice to participate and use homeopathy is left entirely to the responsibility of the individual.